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BMA supports international corporations, family offices and private equity funds in complex strategy, governance and restructuring tasks. BMA’s geographical experience spans across Europe, North-and South America and China. BMA’s unique and well proven Strategic Alignment Process aligns the positions of all stakeholders from a hirarchical, functional and cultural perspective during the entire engagement. This systematic approach supports the smooth and efficient implementation of complex corporate changes.

Examples of engagements


Leading an Italian based international manufacturing company in a financial distressed situation with sales of >300 Mio€ through a complex debt restructuring process and sale to a private equity company.


Preparing a German based mechanical systems manufacturer with sales of >1Bil€ for its IPO process.


Developing and implementing a new management organization and governance system  for a privately owned holding company with sales of  > 1Bil€ and business units in Logistics, packaging and electronics.

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